10 Years


Yoon Byun took this photo of me as I got ready to leave for Adrienne and Brandon's wedding on September 21, 2008. That year was my first full wedding season. Over 300 couples have passed before my lens since my first wedding. I don't approach documenting these families any differently than I did in 2008. Sometimes I feel I should evolve in a certain direction and try a different approach. But what would that look like? How much do you tinker with a pure pursuit for capturing emotions and meaningful interactions? There's nothing stylistically I can do that is going to enhance your grandmother's laugh or that look on your father's face as he fights back tears. But, it's true I'm never as close as I want to be. My compositions are never as clean or concise as I want them to be. And I'm never as patient as I want while waiting for the subtlest of moments. I have plenty to work on for the next 10 years. I still love my job. And, I have no other employable skills. So . . . onward!