Why Albums

Investing in an album is difficult. It requires parting with your money now while delaying the benefits for many years to come. If someone wants to see pictures immediately after your wedding you’ll just point them towards your Facebook page. Spending thousands of dollars on a book when you can store the images for free on your telephone isn’t easy.

If photography is important to you, then so is how the images are experienced. The reason you had a photographer show up in the first place is to have a record for sharing. Nobody intends for their wedding to sit on a hard drive in a drawer, but this isn’t an uncommon scenario. The more time goes by the more important an image grows. Yet it becomes more difficult to access if pictures exist only as ones and zeros.

Despite the best intentions, the chances of doing it later are low. It even took me two years to finally make an album for my own wedding. Let me and some of the best book binders in the world help you make a one of a kind piece of art that tells your story. When your kids want to see pictures of their parents looking young and beautiful (despite some questionable fashion choices in retrospect), don’t go hunting on your phone or digging through a drawer of hard drives that you hope will still load. Pull your wedding off the shelf, sit-down on the couch, and look through a book. The investment in photography, and the investment in an album, are one in the same.