Sommer and Brett


Brett and I became friends when we both started out as staff photographers 13 years ago. We only worked together for about a year, but I've considered him one of my best friends since. When he started dating Sommer I was happy for Brett but a little worried about Sommer. After all, I had lived with the man for a spell. I liked Sommer as soon as I met her and wondered if she deserved more in a roommate. Clearly it worked out. They eloped last year and had one other small ceremony for the two families before inviting the wider village to a picnic shelter in Carrollton, Kentucky for a pig pickin'. I had heard a lot about Brett's family over the years (his mom's name is tattooed on the inside of his bicep), but this was the first time I got to meet them. It was also great to meet Sommer's family and hear about their New England connections. Stephanie and Stephen created a human being so it was also great to run into them 5 years after their wedding and meet Whit. Sommer and Brett didn't call this gathering a wedding even though in spirit that's exactly what it was. The best parts of a wedding were certainly included: friends, family and a whole bunch of food. They told me not to take any pictures, but I do what I want.