Brooke and I met in this car. Sort of. There was a three-month e-mail courtship before she picked me up at the airport and drove me to a job interview two hours away. We've filled up the tiny cargo space with presents and spent several Christmas mornings driving between families in this car. When the radio would stop working we sang Disney songs in this car. One of our biggest arguments was in this car. We've driven to the beach to eat pizza and lobster rolls and have traveled to Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York and Connecticut and collected some of my favorite memories of the past seven years in this car. Yes, I know, emotionally attaching ourselves to a material possession is frowned upon, but the one constant variable of all these memories is this car, and it just feels a little sad to toss it aside once we're done with it. Brooke has had the car for the past 11 years. Think of all those memories. She's having a tough time.

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