Winter Vacation


You've heard me talk about it before. If you want to experience the beauty of summer's most popular destinations it helps to go in winter. Brooke and I spent a week on Wellfleet Harbor with an incredible view on one side of us and a crackling fireplace on the other. We were lucky to have Brooke's family join us on New Year's Eve which was a lot of fun, even if it did make the house eerily quiet once they left. During the week we enjoyed driving around the desolate cape and parking in massive parking lots where we often were the only car. We took (quick) walks along the beach to experience the uninterrupted beauty. My favorite was chasing sunset in Provincetown. Nobody was around, and the wind was so loud you could barely hear the huge waves crashing. We didn't last long out there, but sometimes it only takes a brief moment to make a big impact.