“We just wanted to take a moment to thank you. Back when we saw your portfolio of work (thanks to Gabrielle!) all those months ago, we were so drawn to your work and the beautiful, genuine moments you captured. When we spoke with you by phone, we both felt immediately comfortable with you and your style – something that really matters to somewhat camera shy people. During our wedding weekend, you were such a warm, calm presence, especially as I got ready and hit a few moments of feeling overwhelmed. You made it all feel natural and easy. And the results!!! Oh my goodness – Channing, the photos are just so beautiful. We can’t stop looking, and our parents and loved ones are likewise in awe. I was worried that I didn’t pause enough during the day to take it all in. and as soon as I saw the photos I realized that was ok. It has been so special to relieve the weekend through your work. I am truly so very thankful to you. Being great at what you do – in so many dimensions of it – doesn’t seem like a common or easy to achieve thing, and I hope you really do feel in touch with that truth, because we are just so bowled over by you and your talent!”


“Thank you again for being a part of our big day. Steve was skeptical about paying so much for photography but has since admitted he was wrong w/out seeing a single picture. Excellent work! . . . [in a hand written note later] Dear Channing, After seeing your Best of 2012 post, I realized we never sent you a proper thank you. We couldn’t be happier with the pictures. They bring back everything I felt that day and more . . . and still can make both me and my mother cry. My guy friends, and Steve, can’t stop raving not only about the pics but how talented our ‘photo ninja’ was. While they’re not your target audience, I think it is a true testament to how powerful the pictures are and your talent. Beyond the pictures, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated how you run your business. I always knew I would hear from you promptly and it really stood out. We were at a friends wedding in Dec., and I asked her photographer to take our picture. I was told she was off the clock. All I could do was smile because I knew you would have never done that and I that I had made the right choice. Thank you again.”


“Channing, We are absolutely speechless. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are a wonder at what you do. Seriously. We have more to gush about you, but we’re a bit overwhelmed by the beauty of the photos right now. Sigh!”


“Just wanted to thank you again for your amazing work! Steve and I just wanted to let you know how much we love the pictures. I am borderline obsessed with looking at them. You captured the emotions of the day so beautifully. The pictures are everything we could  have hoped for and more. I can’t tell you how many compliments we have received on them already. My mom told me this morning she had to stop looking at them because she was crying too much. Please take this as a compliment :) Thank you again for everything. It is going to be impossible to choose our favorites!”


“These are incredible!!! I really cannot thank you enough!!!!!”


“Channing!  Oh my god these are amazing!!!!  I had resigned myself to not seeing anything for four weeks, so this is such a welcome surprise. And thank you again for your fantastic work at our wedding.  So many people have since come up to me asking for your name and site.  They haven’t even seen your images yet – they just thought you were such a cool guy and somehow both unobtrusive and omnipresent.  We’re so glad that you were able to be there.”


“I just saw the pictures – they’re amazing! You did such a terrific job. Thank you so much. You captured so many beautiful moments and really brought out the best in everyone. I love them! Donny’s eyes are open and my Dad is smiling (it takes some serious skill and patience to capture those) I couldn’t be more impressed or more appreciative. Your talent shines through – even to my untrained eye!”


“Thank you, thank you, thank you ever so much for not only being such an accommodating, generous, patient wedding photographer, but also for capturing our wedding day so beautifully and preserving it for lifetimes to come. Words cannot express our happiness and gratitude to you for just remarkably shooting the energy, beauty and love of our special day. Every single person that saw our wedding photos were impressed with them [and] your talent and the emotion communicated so beautifully and accurately through the photos of the day. We are so grateful to have found you, and so thankful that not only did you make the effort to get to know us throughout the year . . . but you magnificently wrangled everyone together for the day with poise and grace. The photos are a timeless work of art, and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you, thank you, Channing. We look forward to working with you again in the future!!”


“Channing, They are absolutely gorgeous, thank you! You really captured the day, the place, and so many special moments. And the [slideshow], well you just destroyed me with that in that best possible way.”


“AHHHH!!!!!  Channing they are SIMPLY AMAZING!!!!!!  You have done an incredible job and we cannot wait to see the rest!!!  My mom and I just flipped through them and can’t believe what a PHENOMENAL job you did!!!! . . . [after seeing everything] They look FANTASTIC!!!!  . . . Thank you again so much!!  We really couldn’t be happier with the fantastic job you did!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”


“Holy moly. I have no words right now – I am sitting here shaking and crying.  I am so overwhelmed by what you captured, it’s like I’m back there again. I will write more later when I’ve composed myself.  Saying thank you is not adequate for what you’ve done, you are AMAZING!!! . . . Joseph and I had soooooo much fun last night looking through these – I wish I could provide you with the audio as we went through – laughing, exclaiming, we were in awe!!! . . . There was definitely a “Channing Fan Club” after the wedding – lots of folks commenting how on nice you are and “can we get him to be our friend?” [Later, in a hand written note]: “Thank you so very much for traveling to Vermont and capturing our wedding for us. We are still blown away by the pictures. Every one is beautiful and captures something so special. We knew we were in good hands when we chose you, but I think we are still a bit in awe by what you did for us. Now that the wedding is over, all we have left is our memories and your photographs. They are something that we will treasure forever. Your amazing talents aside – you are such a wonderful person to be around and we, as well as our guests, very much enjoyed your company.”


“Ahhh! Channing, I love them! Seriously fabulous . . . We had to tear ourselves away to go to bed last night- it’s like reliving the whole evening again! So many great moments, I’m a little sad it’s over! . . . We had such an awesome time working with you too! So many people have told us how much they loved you, and that was before they saw the amazing photos! And so glad to hear you had a great time, too- it definitely felt like we had a friend along side us. :) We really do think you were the perfect fit for us & our wedding, and you captured the day so beautifully. . . Thank you thank you thank you!”


“Channing! Thank you SO much for coming down from Boston to shoot our special day. You were amazing in every way – you might as well have been our guest (and friend!). We are so excited to see the final product . . . Oh, Channing these are GORGEOUS! You captured some amazing moments. :) Thank you thank you!”


“You’re ridiculous in the best way, holy crap. Beautiful, and spontaneous and unforgettable and you’ve captured moments that nobody else could have, or would have thought to make as significant or gorgeous. These make the memories of the day feel special and accessible to everybody who was there, not just Delia and I. . .  Delia and I have spoken a couple of times about how you are like a phantom. Except for having spotted you in the background of a few candid photos from friends, you disappeared . . . I can’t thank you enough, Channing.”


“Channing, these are SO WONDERFUL!  After years of following your blog I couldn’t wait to check out this entry.  Benn and I just spent about forty-five minutes looking at the pictures and the slideshow and they capture the day so beautifully.  We felt like we were re-living it from start to finish…we are so grateful to have this.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. . . You are amazing!”


“Thank you so much for the beautiful photos! We just got back from our honeymoon, so it was perfect timing. We’re having a lot of fun looking through them and reliving our wedding. You caught so many special moments, and captured some things we hadn’t even noticed that day! We really appreciate all of your amazing work, and how relaxed and accommodating you were on our wedding day. We’ll be sure to recommend you to anyone we know who is looking for a photographer.”


“OMG THEY ARE FABULOUS!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s so funny because I can’t really even remember you being there for the ceremony and reception and yet you were there capturing everything.  Exactly what we wanted :)”


“These are all so amazing. Alden and I just spent way too long going through all the photos, and we really loved them. You did a fantastic job. Thank you so much!”


“We just got back from our honeymoon. Last night about 10 of our friends came around for a “reunion.”  I happened to log into my email while they were here and saw your note.  When I showed them the blog and pictures, they all gasped and all praised your work over and over!  The pictures captured exactly how we were all feeling on the day.  Thank you for such a great antidote to the post honeymoon/back to work blues! . . . These are great, Channing. We just love them.”


“As I expected these are amazing! Thank you so much! Really beautiful work. We can’t can’t stop looking at them and can’t wait to see the rest. . . You were our only choice. I don’t know if you know that we chose our date based on your availability. My only bit of advice… charge more!”


“Thanks again for all of your work on our wedding day! You really made all of the extra shots and formals easy and seamless! . . . You did such an amazing job. I am sure you hear this all the time, but you really captured the essence of what made that whole day special to us.  I am sure you understand, having been a groom yourself, how truly valuable it is to have those documented memories of the day.”


“Dan and I just returned from Nantucket yesterday and we wanted to say a huge thank you for all of your help this past weekend.  My family and friends thought you were wonderful–and you kept us on track, which I’m sure is not always an easy thing to do.  Plus, you made Dan and I feel really comfortable in front of the camera, which I thought would be nearly impossible! You were wonderful–I can’t say enough how great you were! . . . The photos are amazing. They are perfect, really everything we wanted them to be. You did such a fantastic job in capturing the mood of the day and all of the little moments that I wasn’t able to see myself.  The day went by so fast, but by watching the slideshow (which I’ve now done about 10 times), we can still feel like we are enjoying our wedding day a little bit longer… Plus, you were a complete pleasure to work with! Thank you so much again for capturing our day exactly as I was hoping you would.


“I just can’t stop looking at the pictures. I’ve been showing the blog link to everyone, and I just can’t get enough of your gorgeous pictures. I don’t think I can even express how thankful I am for you being at our wedding. Joe and I keep saying that choosing you as our photographer was the best decision we ever made because long after the excitement of the day is gone, we will still be left with the images you captured – and that’s exactly it – you captured the emotion of the day in each frame so that each time we look at a picture we feel what we felt. It is so clear that you enjoy what you do – it comes through each shot. I hope you continue to make couples happy with your pictures for years to come! I was great getting to know you over the process. Thank you for sending the photo credit and the cds (so quickly!). We can’t wait to choose our favorites to print – its gonna be tough!”


“We love everything and can’t thank you enough for capturing it all so perfectly. Everyone we’ve shared the link with has said the same – amazing photos! Thank you so much!”


“I wanted to let you know what a great time we had at the wedding knowing that you were taking care of the pictures.  Even with all the little issues that come up, it was great knowing the photography was in good shape. Every time something was happening and I would think, “oh, I hope someone is getting this,”  and I would look around and you were always there. I could go one and on, but I will just leave it at thank you! . . . Oh my goodness Channing, we LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!  I feel like I am experiencing the day all over again- what an amazing gift you have given us!”


“We just can’t say it enough: the images are absolutely fantastic! I think we’ve browsed through your online album 5 times already and we’re still amazed with each shot every time.”


“Thank you so much for being our wedding photographer!!! We absolutely loved having you at our wedding. You helped us both feel relaxed (my dad even asked me if you were a friend of ours!), and we really appreciate you coming to our apartment beforehand, taking care of all the group shots (esp. the everyone group shot!), working in the midst of a sea of amateur guest/photographers, staying to the bitter end of 8 hours, and in general keeping us smiling all day. It was just really fun having you there for our wedding and knowing that we didn’t have to worry about pictures. Thanks for being there for us . . . ”


“You were so awesome to work with. There isn’t a picture I don’t like and that never happens, u are truly amazing.”


“Channing, these are amazing!!!! We are so, so happy we hired you and we love love love the photos. . . You did such an amazing job, we will not only recommend but force you on everyone we know getting married.”


“These are FANTASTIC! . . . We are very happy with how all of the pictures came out – we have been getting plenty of compliments from all of our friends and family as well. We’ve gone through the prints quite a few times now and keep smiling at all of the moments that you captured – thanks again for everything. . . Jason and I posted some great reviews of your work on various wedding/vendor websites, so we absolutely would reccomend you to anyone.”


“Wow, that was fast! I’m completely impressed. The pictures are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much for everything you did that day. I truly enjoyed meeting you – you put us at ease immediately! In the pictures, I feel like you captured our silly personalities well. . . I truly appreciate it. You did an absolutely beautiful job!”


“Just wanted to drop you a line from Hawaii to say thank you for doing such a great job at our wedding. I know I haven’t seen your photos yet, but I know they will be great because you were running all over the place to get shots. We can’t wait to see them! . . . Looooove the pictures! We are just so pleased. Well done! They are beautiful and fun and capture all the emotion and special moments and scenery. We feel so fortunate to have had you as our photographer.”


“Meagan and I wanted to thank you for all of your fine work photographing our wedding.  We couldn’t be more pleased with the end results and look forward to displaying your work throughout our home.  You have such a talent and we wanted you to know how appreciative we are that you were part of our wonderful day. Again, thanks for everything.”


“The pictures are fabulous!!!  We love them.  I happened to be home this morning . . . and got to look at the pictures for the first time with Justin.  The pictures are really special. Thank you again!!”


“Thank you so much for all your hard work before, during and after our wedding. The gallery and [slideshow] were great and promptly available and our guests all loved them. Everyone commented on how interesting and different the pictures are and that is exactly what we had hoped for. They really are terrific! . . . Again, thank you so much. We will always cherish these photos!” Ainsley’s Mother:”We cannot thank you enough for the outstanding job you did of Ainsley and Jacob’s wedding. To please the bride and groom is a gift . . . to wow the rest of us is amazing. You are a true talent and we are grateful for your efforts.”


“Everyone is crazy about the pics, thank you so much for all of your hard work. We have determined that you are a wedding photography ninja because we don’t recall feeling your presence during the evening but you managed to catch some incredible moments. You turned out to be an even more impressive of a photographer than we imagined . . . you’re also just a fun dude and you made us feel really comfortable.”


“We were checking our email on our honeymoon and we were so excited to see the pictures–they are beautiful.  Thanks for all of the work you put into them.  We can’t wait to take some more time to look through them and to relive the day! We’ll touch base with you when we get back, but wanted to let you know how much we loved to get them! . . . [A few weeks later] We have shared the slideshow you put together for us with so many people and they have all loved your photos–you did such a great job.”


“These are so wonderful!  We haven’t even finished looking at all of them, but the slideshow is so sweet . . . we absolutely love them and just wanted to let you know.  It was everything we hoped for. . . Thanks again so much for your hard work.  Even though we’ve relocated, we’ll definitely be passing along your name to anyone we know getting married n Boston!  Hope to see you again soon.”


“I just wanted to tell you how truly impressed (but not surprised) I am with these photos. You really captured the whole essence of the wedding- how happy Patrick and I were, and how much fun we all had.”


“These pictures are so amazing, we want to run out the door right now and watch them with our families! . . . Thank you so much for these amazing pictures and all the help and work that you’ve done for us.  Everyone reiterated that you were awesome.  You captured our wedding so perfectly, looking through your pictures felt like we were reliving the day. . . [A few days later] I just wanted to let you know that Brandon and I, along with our friends and family, have not stopped talking about how amazing your pictures are! Everyone was so impressed by your professionalism at the wedding, and now that we have the pictures, people have been amazed by the quality. I had no doubt that you were going to be awesome, but you have gone above and beyond our expectations!”


“Thank you so much for the pictures. Matt and I are THRILLED with them! . . . We are so grateful for the work you did and truly thrilled with the results!!”


“We LOVE your pictures!  It was so fun for us to look at them and re-live all the great memories.  And thanks for sending them along so quickly!  We’re so grateful that Preston recommended you; your work is amazing!”


“We have been getting so many comments on how great your photos are.  You really are talented.  We’ve looked at the photos a few times now and just love them.  And a very nice presence at the wedding.  If you ever need a reference, feel free to use us.”


“Good god man, if you haven’t read from my excessive social media pimping, we LOVE the photos. The Hu family thanks you, my mom was esp moved by the one of grandma waving at dinner. I don’t need to be quite so effusive though, because I knew who we were getting when I called you last summer. (Patting myself on back)”


“Wow!  Channing, I just had the first opportunity to see the slideshow and I must say, amazing!!  The tears were flowing easily again. . . [Later, in a hand-written note] I can’t put into words how happy I was to have you as our wedding photographer. I am blown away by the absolutely gorgeous pictures you took! I look at them everyday. Every friend or family member I’ve shared them with can’t stop complimenting them, us and you! Thank you so much for all your hard work. It was great having you be part of such a special day!”


“It is going to be so hard to pick my favorites. You did such an amazing job! I love them all!”


“We just want to let you know how happy we are with the photos and how many compliments we have received.  We would certainly reccommend you to any of our friends and/or family who get married in the near future. The slideshow on your blog brought tears to me and many of family members – the song was perfect too!  We couldn’t have asked for a better experience and we love that you captured the whole afternoon/evening so well!”


“Wow! These are so great! I love them. . . . Thank you so much, Channing!!!!!”


“Thank you so much for sending these out so quickly! We love them!! We just sent the link to our immediate family, and everyone is so happy with them.”


“Channing the pics look fantastic! You did a great job, thanks for capturing our day so beautifully, I cant get over how great the pics look. You managed to capture all the fun that was had at the wedding by all. I cant wait for Courtney to see them, she is going to love them. You are not only the least annoying photgrapher, but also awesome at your job, thanks again.”


“Wow. We’re kinda speechless.  You are really, really good at what you do. We loved all the little moments you captured during the whole day and are very, very happy with your final product. Thanks for being there and helping us relive a very special day.”


[Unsolicited post on Yelp.com] “About a year and a half ago, my partner and I met Channing Johnson at Dado Tea. We liked Channing immediately- he spent a long time with us chatting, he seemed interesting and smart, and, best of all, he didn’t seem like a wedding photographer. He seemed like someone who wanted to take interesting and intelligent pictures that captured the spirit of the day, pictures that would tell a story.  We didn’t think twice about it- we signed a contract with Channing the next day.€¨€¨Over the year that followed, we had the pleasure of reading Channing’s photo blog online (www.channingjohnsonblog.com), and much to our amazement, the pictures seemed to constantly deepen in their visual complexity, in their story-telling ability, and in their capacity to just get under our skin.  We kept saying ‘this guy is so good, I’m so glad we found him.”€¨€¨And I have to say, the pictures he took at our wedding are beautiful.  They are unconventional (i.e. he does a few portraits, but the rest are pictures he takes over the course of the event, not photos he stages), and they seem to capture something about the day, about our family, about our friends.  When I see the pictures, I’m reminded of what really moved me about our wedding. For that, I’m so thankful. Channing is the best. I promise.”


“WOW!!  We’re stunned and awed!  And, yes, we teared up just now watching the slide show. How do we even begin to thank you?  You completely captured the day and tell a beautiful story . . . We are so incredibly happy with how everything has turned out.”


“Man, I cant tell you how great the wedding pictures came out!!! Everybody loves them! . . . We are so thrilled with the pictures and have had tons of great feedback on them.  Thank you for everything!”


“Thank you so much for the pictures!  I cannot even describe how great they came out.  We were so busy gushing that we never had a chance to properly thank you.  Everyone who has seen the photos on your blog has been truly impressed — and that includes some highly opinionated people.  Our only regret is that we didn’t keep you at the wedding longer. We must have looked at them 100 times already.  And then we were addicted and had to look at every photograph on your website and blog (again).”


“I LOVE THEM!! I was at a volunteer event for work and did not have access to a computer, so I was anxious all day to view them. I finally did and have a feeling I will be looking at them for hours if not days :) Thank you, thank you, thank you :)”


Jenya: “I finally have a second to breathe and wanted to tell you how much I absolutely adore the photos you took of the wedding. They are truly stunning. Thank you. You captured the feeling and magic of the day perfectly.” Andre: “the change that i experienced upon seeing your photos (especially the slideshow) was remarkable. when jenya said “i think this photographer is amazing and i’d love it if he could do our wedding” i said “great, how much does he charge?” when she told me $3,500 i almost fell out of my chair (prior to actually getting married, i thought wedding photographers were more like $1,500). then when i saw your photos i felt like a fool because i immediately thought “it was worth every damn penny.” in fact, the photos and the rings were the best money we spent on the whole wedding and i wouldn’t think twice about doing it again. if anyone who’s a friend is getting married, i won’t let them ask another photographer! point being, you amaze me with your ability to capture the essence of a moment so that it can be experienced again and again afterwards. sorry for the lengthy message but i’ve thought of these pictures every day. evidently, jenya’s dad looks through them at least 3 times a day at work. he said “i’m going to get fired from my job – not just because i’m looking at the photos all day but because i can’t help crying when i see them!” all my best. and thanks again simply for being so great at what you do and for having a kind personality to go along with it.”


“You are an amazing photographer.  We really don’t know how you managed to be in all those places at exactly the right times. . . Thank you so much for being part of our wedding day and for giving us such beautiful photographs to keep forever.”


“The pictures are amazing…you are SO good at what you do!!  You managed to get terrific shots of every person at our wedding (which, for some of them, is nothing short of miraculous ;)!  Tom and I were both saying that neither of us saw you the entire evening…you’re very stealthy!  We like you, of course, but that is definitely preferable to having an in-your-face photographer . . . Thank you again for a job very well done.  We will of course be recommending you to everyone we know who will be getting married in the area!”


“We just finished looking at the pictures in the web gallery and they are AMAZING . . . It’s hard to believe one photographer caught all those great moments – and with such great composition, lighting, etc. . . . your pictures are incredible. We couldn’t be happier with the product, and you have been outstanding to work with.”


“WOW the pictures are just amazing! we have seen them all [on-line] and literally could not be happier with each and every one of them. My mom saw them and loved them and all of our friends have been blown away! One of my bridesmaids actually said “all i want for christmas is an hour with your photographer to take pics of me [ and my family ]!!” I know you get great feedback all the time but i thought that was a great comment!”


“I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful photographs you made on our wedding day. It is not always easy to find someone so talented and so kind. . . We are thrilled with the photos. They exceeded our expectations. Our families were blown away as well. Thank you very much for being incredibly easy to work with also. We could not have had a better experience.”


“the pics just came out great, really, and you were just wonderful to work with. we are so happy with everything . . . p.s. i totally had a dream that we had a post wedding brunch type thing and you were there snapping away. somehow i cut off the tip of my finger and you sewed it back on no prob. you were like “ohhh i was a doctor before i was ever a super awesome photographer”. so glad you changed careers!”


“These look so great (as we knew they would!), and we are so indebted to you for your amazing eye, good humor and patience (of which you had tons!)”


“We are back and we truly love so many of the photos. I think the portraits of me and A.J. in the bandshell are so classic, and I can’t believe how well you did in the chaos that was my prep time. . . thanks again for everything. I felt so calm having you there and we think our pictures are so special. The other day AJ was looking at them, not by any means for the first time, but for the first time full screen, and just said “I LOVE our pictures.” Still not sure if he was talking to me or himself but I heard him : )”


Anthony: “The pictures are absolutely amazing!  You did a terrific job again, and our entire family is very impressed.  I think you might have a few more Texas opportunities in the future!” Patty: “I look at my pictures every single night. I love them!”


“Wow! So I got your email at a stop sign near my mom’s work and literally veered my car off the road to get to her office and commandeer her computer. . . These are incredible.  I am so impressed (and believe me, my expectation level of your work was already high). . . We can’t stop looking at these!”


Engagements Session: “GORGEOUS – i love!  (my favorites, although hard to choose because i like them all, are the one at the top of the reservoir and the one on the steps of 1942 — our friends are going to DIE when they see how you’ve managed to take a place where we threw things out of the window onto the street and turned it into something beautiful). Thank you so much for working with us on Sunday – we had a blast and are so excited to have you join us on our wedding day. Have a great week and thank you x 100000000000000 for all that you’ve done!” Wedding: “The pictures are GORGEOUS.  We love every single one of them and are just loving showing them off to everyone! We are so happy. Thanks again for being a part of our day!”


“Thanks for the photos! They look GREAT!!!! You did an amazing job.”


“Channing!!  How do words convey my gratitude for your talents?? I just cried (happy tears) when I looked at the pictures! Nick and I thank you sooo much.  They are beautiful and I know will be a treasure of mine forever! . . . Thank you again.  Your work blesses me more than you know . . . you have a God given talent! Thanks and have an awesome weekend. You have already made mine!”


“I love, love, love the wedding photos!  I can’t wait to see more – and I can’t even begin to tell you how much everyone has been raving about them.  My cousin Kelly sent an email around to my family about it and when I got home I had about 20 emails from family members saying how wonderful they were!  Thank you so much!”


“Channing I LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!! Thank you so so much! Everyone LOVES the pictures . . . you really are fantastic!  They make me smile every time I look at them and everyone who sees them says what a phenomenal job you did!! : ) Thanks again!!”


Julia: “These are INCREDIBLE! Absolutely incredible. We clearly made the right choice in hiring you. Can’t wait to see the rest – though this batch made me (and my family) so emotional that we might need a couple days before we look at the rest!” Mike: “I don’t think I’ve yet had a chance to offer my overwhelming thanks for the most beautiful wedding photos I could have ever hoped for. Julia and I both knew from your previous work online that you have an absolute gift for capturing touching, candid moments with masterful framing, composition and color. But then to see our own big day reflected so gorgeously and perfectly through your lens – wow. Just amazing – everyone we know has been raving, which only begins to express how appreciative we feel. If there’s anything we can ever do – as references or anything – please let us know – your talent is surpassed only by your chill demeanor! My congrats and my thanks!”