My parents live outside Charlotte. Both their children and grandchildren live in Massachusetts and have never lived in Charlotte. We get to spend a week in Emerald Isle, NC with them, and since my sister and I married Yankees that means the best chance for everyone to spend Christmas morning together is if Mom and Dad come north. What I'm doing here is trying to convince myself that I'm not a bad son for letting more than four years go by since last visiting my parent's house. Even if we see them two or three times a year it must be nice as a parent to have your children under your roof even if it was never theirs. Worse yet, my reason for being in North Carolina was to attend a workshop. I added on an extra couple of days to go to the NASCAR Hall of Fame with my mom and smoke some ribs with my dad, but I've got some catching up to do if I expect to be a contender for Son of the Year.