For 10 years now I've lived in relentlessly cold climates. I've heard from others about winter hobbies and their importance to get through months of ice and darkness. But I never implemented what I learned from those with snowshoes. Hunkering down and returning to the human race once you remember what grass looks like is easy to let happen. But this year I got winter hobbies, and I have to say the past few months have been pretty easy. I joined a basketball camp (yes, like the one middle schoolers go to but for adults). I also signed up for improv classes. With both these activities I learned there was an extreme lack of play in my life. I'm not just talking about relaxing or hanging out. I'm talking about losing self-awerness to live a little more viscerally.This isn't all to say I'm not ready for spring. As soon as it hits 55 degrees I'll be outside working on my first sunburn. Believe that.